Sensible Line Breastmilk Freezing System (Milk Trays)


Finally, a Safer, Easier and More Economical Way to Freeze Expressed Breast Milk!

No Waste. No Mess. And Ensures the Most Nutrients Get to Baby!

Sensible Lines Milk Trays freeze your expressed breast milk in convenient 1oz (30ml) servings, eliminating waste commonly associated with nurser bags. Unlike ice-cube trays, each 1oz frozen Milk Stick is specially designed to fit into any bottle opening! Milk Trays give nursing mothers the confidence in knowing that none of your breast milk will be wasted.

Using Milk Tray allows you and/or your baby's caregivers (dads, grandparents, day-cares, etc.) the ability to:

  •  make each bottles to order (if baby drinks 3oz, simply drop 3 frozen Milk Sticks into the bottle!)
  •  take up less space in the freezer allowing you to create a reliable "stash" of expressed breast milk.
  •  freeze fruit/food puree in convenient 1oz portions for baby.

How to use Milk Trays™?

  1. After pumping, pour expressed breast milk into each of the 1oz cavities of your Milk Trays™ and put them into the freezer.
  2. Once the breast milk is frozen, turn over the Milk Tray and give it a good fun twist and tap to have the 1oz frozen Milk Sticks popping out onto the lid (which you use as the base).
  3. Transfer the 1oz frozen Milk Sticks into dated freezer-safe zip lock bags or containers until ready to use.
  4. Wash the empty Milk Trays with water and liquid detergent, rinse and air-dry.
  5. The trays are ready to be reused for next round(s) of pumping!

To note:

  • Freezer-safe zip lock bags or containers are safe to hold frozen food products like breast milk, remember the milk is already frozen!
  • It is safe to touch the frozen breast milk as long as you wash your hands prior to handling the milk.
  • Simply wash and air-dry Milk Trays in between usage. Do NOT sterilise or rinse Milk Trays with hot water.

Milk Trays are made from the safest medical-grade plastic with a recycle rating number "1". Milk Trays have fitted lids and the trays are flexible enough to allow the frozen 1oz milk sticks to be easily removed. Reusable Milk Trays offer huge cost savings because they are just a one-time expense for mums! And most importantly, Milk Trays save every precious drop of breastmilk!

If you are a working mum, an on-the-go mum, or just a mum wanting the security of knowing that you will never run out of breastmilk, Milk Trays™ is the right choice for you and your baby!

Each set comes with 2 trays and 2 lids.

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