Baby Sippy Cup


The Baby Sippy Cup is perfect for babies!  It is carefully designed to promote natural drinking habits of babies. Its spout is shaped to prevent dripping while drinking. The see-through container allows its content to be visible at all times. Also comes with a cover for travelling use.

Made from PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) which is extracted from corn starch, Mother's Corn cutlery is stronger than conventional plastics and possess no harm to the environement as it is totally biodegradable. It is the bext replacement to conventional plastics.

Features of Mother’s Corn products
•    SAFE
1. BPA free
As the Mother's corn products made of corn are free from not only environmental hormone but also other hazardous ingredients like carcinogenic substance, heavy metals and the like, they can be used to serve hot food or even damaged or babies can bite or suck (gum down) them without any problem.

2. Non-Toxic Ink
As non-toxic ink certified by an accredited agency is used in character design printed on Mother's corn products, babies can bite or suck (gum down) them safely while they are being in use.  In order to ensure that babies be fed meals in a safer manner, designs are not inserted where their mouths or meals are supposed to contact them.

Mother's corn baby’s motto, like maternal mind, is " baby's health and safe meal be given priority over design. "

•    GREEN
1. Less Carbon Dioxide
 As Mother's corn containers are made of ingredients sourced from the nature, CO? are not emitted while those ingredients being produced. They absorb CO? to the contrary and do not use depleting petrochemicals detrimental to the global environment.

2. Biodegradable
When Mother's corn products rendered unusable are buried underground, they are 100% biodegraded by microorganism in soil and returned to soil. The speed at which they are biodegraded varies depending upon the type of containers and environmental conditions like microorganism in soil etc.

1. Durable
As Mother's Corn products, though made of corn ingredient, have same durability as plastic products made of petrochemicals, the former is not easily broken even when dropped. 

2.  Microwave Safe
As a result of incessant research effort by Mother's corn's in-house research institute, excellent heat resistant Mother's corn baby product has been born. Being the first one of corn-made containers ever created in the world to survive heat exposure in microwave oven, it is convenient to use.

Note: Not suitable to be in contact with hot water

Mother's Corn™ products are a fun and unique way to help kids set a good example of our commitment to a greener environment!

Mother's corn's Feature

  • Safe
  • BPA Free
  • Using non-toxic ink
  • Green
  • Less CO2
  • Biodegradable
  • Durable product

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