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ecostore’s purpose is to create a healthy sustainable world.

ecostore loves making a difference in people’s lives.  We are passionate about improving the planet and have spent more than 18 years bringing you everyday household products that are safer and healthier for you and your family.  We love hearing from people whose eczema or allergy symptoms have improved or sometimes disappeared all together just by switching to ecostore.

And the wonderful news is… we don’t compromise on performance either.  Our plant based cleaning products are just as effective as the leading supermarket brands plus they are gentle on your skin & smell great too!

ecostore products are safer for the earth!

Our aim is to help reduce the overall negative impact of our everyday living and business practices on the environment. 

  • We use biodegradable ingredients that break down efficiently and harmlessly. 
  • Our products help reduce the number of toxic chemicals entering our water ways and are safer for septic tanks. Using ecostore products in your bathroom and laundry can also improve the quality of your greywater making it a viable resource to reuse on your garden or even to flush your toilet.
  • Packaging is a big concern for us – we are currently using recyclable plastic (which is still less than ideal) so in order to reduce packaging we offer refill options or bulk sizes in many of our product lines.

safer ingredients

  • We use sustainably sourced plant and mineral based ingredients to create safer, healthier products that do the job just as effectively as the petrochemical based ones.
  • We practise the precautionary approach – if there is any doubt about the safety of an ingredient for the environment or for people’s health we will find a safer alternative.
  • We provide products which are proven to be safer with regard to skin irritation or absorption, respiratory effects or acute toxicity (ingestion). We’ve got 18 years worth of feedback from customers who have had reduced eczema, skin irritations and asthma.

outstanding performance

  • We set the benchmark high. Our products have to perform just as well or better than top selling supermarket brands.
  • All ecostore products are tested by 3rd party laboratories.

value for money

  • Our plant based ingredients are more expensive than petrochemical ones but we manage to keep our prices down by economically concentrating our formulations.
  • We don’t use cheap fillers or bulking agents – just pure active ingredients.
  • Cost per use is significantly less than many other supermarket brands.

product labelling

Our integrity is very important to us. What this means for you is:

  • We ensure all our statements are factually correct. If we make a mistake, we clean it up.
  • All claims are derived from scientific research.
  • All claims are easily verifiable by our customers.

One of the goals for ecostore is to be fully transparent which includes listing all ingredients on our product labels (even when we’re not asked to – which is currently the case with cleaning products).

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